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          Leader of High Purity Materials

              Based on the industrial chain of "high-purity tellurium-tellurium-series compound", kaiyada has been developing and launching the most cutting-edge materials required by the market.The company has a number of patents for the production technology of high purity metal & compound and 7 non-patented proprietary technologies.The advantages of professional talents and technology lay a solid foundation for the company's technological innovation, product development and industrial development.
          High purity material leader!
          You can learn more here!
          2019 Kaiyada convention
          All the staff of kaiyada have dinner together to enjoy the Spring Festival!Facing the New Year, we will devote ourselves to kaiada with full enthusiasm In the New Year, through the joint efforts of all the staff, kaiyada is sure to achieve a new leap, new brilliant
          2019-01-03 Shao xiangrong, party committee member and vice President of zhejiang tsinghua Yangtze river delta research institute visited our company for guidance
          2018-08-06 Seneca has formally acquired Kaiyada